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Stop loosing time or money:
Safeguard protects your work starting at €69.


    Your ads will be protected and your accounts will last much longer. SafeGuard recognizes immediately all advertising platform’s automatic controls and block them so they never access to your landing page or web site.


    You can filter your traffic by user home country or connection type (3G or WiFi). SafeGuard allows you to create campaigns that show specific sites or pages for each country or connection type.


    You will show your content only to real users who can generate conversions. SafeGuard bolcks all the unnatural traffic (BOT, VPN, crawlers…) protecting you from all the damage this unwanted visitors can make.


Identifiable IP Ranges


Covered Countries


Blocked Reviewers

ZERO downtime.


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Why do you need to do cloaking?

Ads approval and Account protection

If you work on line - especially with affiliate networks - you must have realized that advertising platform’s policies are getting increasingly harsh.. Let’s take for example Fb Ads policy: most of the time you don’t get approval for your ads or even get banned and you don’t even know why… Surely you know their decision are arbitrary and 99 times over 100 unappealable.
Maybe you deserved it maybe you didn’t, the fact is that when this happens, your business gets significant economics damages. (EXAMPLE) .
As far as Adwords goes, the problem is the same: you’ll wait days just to see your ads don’t get approval. Others advertising platforms will make you lose time and money too.
SafeGuard recognizes IMMEDIATELY automatic controls and hijack them to a safe page while your user will be send to your money page.
That’s not all: besides automatic controls, SafeGuard will block all unnatural visits such as BOT, VPN, crawlers etc. making sure that only real users, that can generate conversion, land on your landing page.
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Targeting and Routing

Geo and mobile targeting are just as crucial. To sell a product in different countries isn’t enough to translate the same landing page / web site in multiple languages, you need to show a specific layout and content that can attract audiences of a certain country. Very often if you want to sell a product in Germany or in Italy or in any other country the terms of sale can change (shipment, price and especially pay-out).
So it’s essential to have a platform that easily allows you to route traffic coming from different countries on different pages, depending on the user country.
This works for connection type too: to show different content to 3G or WiFi is a widely used technique to run many of the top performing campaigns of major affiliate networks.
Unlike other cloaking platforms, in which is inevitable to set up different campaigns for each country, SafeGuard allows you to create a unique campaign that shows a different and specific offer page depending on user country or connection type.
SafeGuard is the best tool ever to start and optimize international or mobile (or Wi-Fi) advertising campaigns.
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We designed SafeGuard with one purpose: to create a software that can screen you, that offers you a solution to these problems and that’s easy to use for EVERYONE. Other cloaking softwares are mainly aimed at highly technical people with a significant budget (the costs are prohibitive especially for beginners). Safeguard gives the possibility to choose between different kinds of subscription, depending on the needs and the available budget. If all this wasn’t enough we offer a 14 days free trial so you can test all the SafeGuard functionality and discover its efficiency and simplicity.



Best Seller


€ 199 € 139 /month

(Launch offer)

Perfect to manage a lot of traffic.

  • 14 days Free trial
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • No downtime
  • Unlimited traffic
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€ 99 € 69 /month

(Launch offer)

Perfect for those who have few visits on their sites.

  • 14 days Free trial
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • No downtime
  • Unlimited traffic
free trial
Free trial is available only during launch period, you got untill 31/01/2020 to try SafeGuard for free.


What is SafeGuard?

Safeguard is a cloaking and routing software.

Using SafeGuard am I sure not to be banned?

No. You could say the opposite: if you're not cloaking you can be sure to BE eventually banned! The cloaker helps you a lot with many critical issues, but it's not a “miracle tool”. It is indispensable if you work in this sector, after you start using it you will notice.

How can I create my Safeguard account?

Click here and fill out the form. Then we will review your request (it is a standard procedure to ensure the safety of the system and of all members). Once your request is accepted, your trial account will be ready to use. From that moment on you can confirm the subscription at any time (even before the expiry of the trial period) by clicking on the button in the panel menu.

What payment methods are available?

The only payment method available is PayPal.

How much does it cost?

The unlimited subscription costs 139$ per month. The limited subscription costs 69$ per month.

What is the difference between the unlimited subscription and the limited subscription?

With unlimited membership you haven’t traffic limits and you can launch all the campaigns you want. With the limited subscription you have a traffic limit (maximum 3,000 clicks per day) applied to all of your campaigns. If the clicks limit is near to be reached, we will send you an email that says the cloaker is going to stop working and all visitors will be send to the Safe Page. Then you can decide whether to stop traffic or buy an unlimited subscription.

How does the free 14 days trial work?

You can try SafeGuard for free. Once your registration request is been accepted you can start using a trial account and test all of the SafeGuard functions. If the trial period is about to expire and you have not decided yet whether to sign your subscription or not, we'll send you an email to remind that once the trial is over, the cloaker will stop working. You can buy a subscription in any moment clicking on the banner in the dashboard.

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